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Can anyone write advertising copy? Maybe you even do it yourself. But how effective is that copy? Is it moving product, making the phone ring with leads? If not, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are tired of paying for print ads that aren’t working, ad agencies that don’t know aviation, or want to kick your print ads up a notch, you’ve found the guy.

Working together to match your goals is easy. Whether you sell aircraft, parts, or related services, you get my 40 years of experience to make your ad heard over the noise.

And it begins when you

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Who is Mark Mehling?

Mark is an award winning copy writer and active aviator. He has helped build airplanes, maintained his own Glasair1RG, flies a business jet, and is a qualified airport bum. Combined with his marketing expertise, he will get your ads noticed, bring in new leads, and move product with print.

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What is AdBrandingPLUS®“?

You want your business known. But you don’t have a huge budget. And you want to measure the results of your ads. Brand advertising alone won’t do that. But there is an answer More

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“Already know your ad isn’t working?”

Upload a copy of your ad here for a complete analysis and recommendations for only $299. You get my best ideas and options. If you choose me to create your new, results measuring, customer-getting ad, I will credit the entire $299 to the fee.

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